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Prestoungrange 2006 News

Latest Item Is it Blindwells or can we call it Charlestoun? - June 3rd 2018
 Parade, Encampment & Re-enactments for Battle of Prestonpans Commemoration Programme Announced: September 15th/ 16th 2018 - May 7th 2018
 Proud of our County's Weekly Newspaper of the Year! - May 4th 2018
 Why are we 'unworthy' to be trusted to reflect the National Interest? - April 15th 2018
 Stanley Mills Exhibition of Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Opens for 3 months - April 9th 2018
 Scottish Clan Event @ Prestonpans September 15th 2018 - April 3rd 2018
 ELC's ownership of former Power Station lands means we can get moving ... at long last! - March 13th 2018
 Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition opens at Border Kirk in Carlisle - March 12th 2018
 Dunoon Exhibition Honours Diaspora Tradition ... we can all do it! - January 29th 2018
 Schools' Diaspora Tapestry 'Project' in Review ... and Future Opportunities .... - December 12th 2017
 On the Money .. Dr Elsie Inglis Remembered ... - November 28th 2017
 Diaspora 'Selection' at Edinburgh Arts Fair Weekend November 17/19th - November 20th 2017
 Cockenzie & 1745 Battlefield Master Plan Published .. linked here online - November 15th 2017
 'Our' Global Murals Association .. up-to-date details here online @ website - October 30th 2017
 Latest details for the Scottish Diaspora Reunion Cruise - October 19th 2017
 Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition in Irvine draws the crowds yet again! - October 11th 2017
 Cruise with the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry .. around the British Isles - September 29th 2017
 Diaspora Tapestry heads for Irvine TownHouse Exhibition: - September 20th 2017
 Diaspora Tapestry Heads NE to Helmsdale for September Exhibition - August 16th 2017
 Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Opens Exhibition in Crieff till August 12th - July 25th 2017
 Cuthill - Crieff - Carlisle - Helmsdale - Irvine - Lorient - and a Cruise? - July 19th 2017
 Pinkie Cleugh 1547 & Rough Wooing Exhibition @ John Gray Centre - July 7th 2017
 Scottish Diaspora Tapestry available on an APP - July 1st 2017
 Battle Trust Setback at Prestongrange Museum but Next Steps Already in Hand - June 24th 2017
 Bonnie Prince Charlie's there as Battle Tapestry Opens at Holyrood Scottish Parliament - June 23rd 2017
 Battle Tapestry heads to Brittany for Festival Interceltique in Lorient - June 14th 2017
 3 Harbours a delight once more ... and the Diaspora Tapestry is home in The Pans! - June 6th 2017
 The Prince's Prestonpans Tapestry Goes to Holyrood: June 21st/ July 20th - May 31st 2017
 Rejoice! The Stolen Netherlands Panel is Returned - May 24th 2017
 Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Back in Scotland after over 2 years touring the Globe - May 9th 2017
 Mount Felix has a magnificent Tapestry Reception .... and it was ANZAC Day too - April 25th 2017
 Westminster calls a General Election ..... whilst the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry looks on! - April 20th 2017
 3 Harbours to exhibit Scottish Diaspora Tapestry ... all 304 panels designed by Andrew Crummy! - April 15th 2017
 Diaspora Tapestry returns to St Giles Cathedral: May 4th/ 18th 2017 - April 1st 2017
 Westminster Exhibition Interrupted by Tragic Incidents - March 31st 2017
 Not quite The Commons; next door in Westminster Hall actually - March 20th 2017
 APP tags coming to signposts near you - March 10th 2017
 Westminster Hall Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition all set for March 20/ April 29 2017 - March 7th 2017
 Excellent News from Pans' Community Council ... - March 5th 2017
 GO Iceland @ - February 24th 2017
 Iceland's Magnificent Welcome & Enjoyment as the '35th' Country for the Diaspora Tapestry - February 6th 2017
 Why put the Battle Centre at Prestongrange Museum? - February 3rd 2017
 The mFAQ @ Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Exhibitions? Are my Clan or Family represented .... - January 11th 2017
 OPEN MEETING re Prestongrange Bath House Restoration and Future Use - January 10th 2017
 Ottawa 2017 Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition in Pictures .. the last in Canada! - January 9th 2017
 Iceland makes the point! Lots of diaspora tales are yet to be heard and recorded ... - January 4th 2017
 Last Panel Arrives from Merseyside .. to complete the Diaspora Tapestry - December 29th 2016
 Apologies are certainly in order! - December 28th 2016
 Ottawa hosts final exhibition of Diaspora Tapestry's Canadian Tour - December 16th 2016
 At Last! The Battle Trust applies to the Heritage Lottery for a permanent home at Prestongrange Museum .. details here. - December 7th 2016
 Montreal keeps enjoying the Tapestry ... as the snow gives a heartening Bienvenue! - November 28th 2016
 Ottawa prepares for the Diaspora Tapestry .... but first it's Hogman-eh! - November 23rd 2016
 Art Treasures in The Pans ... 2nd Edition available.... It's an ideal gift! - November 16th 2016
 New Glasgow in Pictures - with the Diaspora Tapestry of course! - November 15th 2016
 New Glasgow's Grand Opening for the Diaspora Tapestry: November 6th - November 7th 2016
 New Glasgow Nova Scotia sees Tapestry 'Go Theatre' - October 29th 2016
 Diaspora Tapestry heads for Westminster Hall London on its return from Canada: March 20th / April 29th 2017 - October 24th 2016
 Prestoungrange Gothenburg in safe hands for the future ... - October 6th 2016
 Tapestry Exhibition Delights & Surprises in Toronto - Scarborough from September 19th - September 26th 2016
 P.E.I.'s Charlottetown gets ready for the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry's arrival afterToronto - September 20th 2016
 'Unique' Toronto Exhibition in Suspense ..but very much open! - September 18th 2016
 Toronto Honours Telford ... 'Menai Straits Bridge' Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition Readies .. ... - September 12th 2016
 Montreal's Diaspora Exhibition announced at Highland Games ... - August 3rd 2016
 Tapestry has sole US display in Montello ..... where John Muir spent his boyhood after leaving Dunbar - July 25th 2016
 Manitoba's Tapestry Limestone as magnificent backdrop to the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry - June 14th 2016
 Winnipeg Unveils the Scottish Tapestry ... and shares its Murals Program with us ... - June 12th 2016
 June 13th/ July 3rd ... Diaspora Tapestry in Winnipeg, Manitoba - June 7th 2016
 There's a notion been floated that the Prestonpans 1745 battlesite should be given over to commerce and industry. What think you? - May 24th 2016
 Victoria BC's Cathdral makes fine venue for first Canadian Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition - May 18th 2016
 Canadian and US Exhibitions for Scottish Diaspora Tapestry - May/ November 2016 - April 23rd 2016
 Otago, Dunedin - Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition opens in New Zealand: April 13th/ 28th - April 5th 2016
 Sydney's Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition Opens: Australia's 6th - March 23rd 2016
 Hope indeed springs eternal .. and it's Spring Again! - March 5th 2016
 Did the Stuart's see New Zealand? Well, the Diaspora Tapestry will be there shortly .... - February 23rd 2016
 Goth's Future Determined! Debate on February 19th resolved unanimously to make the future happen! - February 22nd 2016
 Albury New South Wales Enjoys Diaspora Tapestry ... - February 15th 2016
 Goth's Future on the Bar .. February 19th @ 6pm .. please come along and have your say! - February 12th 2016
 Clear Road to Tapestry Exhibition in Hobart, Tasmania - January 11th 2016
 Consultations in full swing for the future at Prestongrange Museum - December 29th 2015
 Sydney Australia all set for Tapestry Exhibition March 2016 - December 21st 2015
 Bad news from Derby? Prince met his match and now rides back to Glasgow for Christmas ... - December 10th 2015
 Press Tales from Goolwa .. next stop Adelaide ... - November 20th 2015
 Quarantined Tapestry? There's a first! But Australia Opens in Goolwa - November 15th 2015
 3 Harbours are having their IMPORTANT moment .. November 18th 7 pm - November 9th 2015
 Paris, c'est incroyable! That's what they said at Centre Culturel Auguste Dobel - October 30th 2015
 Last Stop on the Continental Mainland - Centre Culturel Auguste Dobel in Paris - October 24th 2015
 Enthusiastic Welcome in Walton on Thames for the Prestonpans Tapestry - October 17th 2015
 Next stop France: La Tapisserie de la Diaspora Ecossaise - September 12th 2015
 Picinisco's Story Telling - La Diaspora Scozzese a Picinisco - September 2nd 2015
 Picinisco is next exhibition for the Diaspora Tapestry - August 26th 2015
 Barga Exhibition Opens for Diaspora Tapestry - August 8th/26th - August 14th 2015
 Thank you to all who've written to say Thank You - July 17th 2015
 Polish Merchants from Weymouth! - June 15th 2015
 Calling Canadian & US Stitchers ... best laid plans ... - June 7th 2015
 Friends of the Tapestries .. next Convocation a Celebration! June 25th - May 22nd 2015
 Wereldpremiere in Veere - Schots wandtapijt van 164 meter: 30 mei - 26 juli - May 20th 2015
 Tapestry Friends meet with Burns' canapes .. and more! - January 30th 2015
 Battle Tapestry Returns to New Lanark Mills: January 27th/ March 19th 2015 - January 15th 2015
 Diaspora Tapestry Panels at Musselburgh Museum - December 11th 2014
 Corby Radio spreads the news and a host of visitors are welcomed - December 2nd 2014
 Scotland's Murals & Tapestry Town ... Ahoy! - December 1st 2014
 Scots in Corby give a warmest of welcomes to our Diaspora Tapestry - November 22nd 2014
 Scottish Diaspora Tapestry crosses the Border to Doncaster .. - November 20th 2014
 Helmsdale, home of The Emigrants Statue, hosts the Diaspora Tapestry - November 4th 2014
 Tapestry Pavilion Planning Application Lodged for Heritage Museum - September 29th 2014
 Anchors Away .. Diaspora Exhibition Opens in Paisley ... - September 10th 2014
 Car Park Reminder @ The Goth - September 3rd 2014
 This is not a Protest. We've got our own Vision for our Coastline. Listen Up ! - August 24th 2014
 Megantic Outlaw comes home to Scotland - August 17th 2014
 Victoria Quay gets a diaspora glimpse - June 16th/ 18th - June 28th 2014
 Front of House with the Tapestry - the splendid MacRobert Gallery in Stirling exhibits the artwork till July 23rd - June 26th 2014
 Behind the scenes at the 2014 Homecoming Diaspora Tapestry Exhibitions ... - June 24th 2014
 Which Stitches? How 'our' stitchers rose to the challenges of wigs, facial expressions, landscapes and much more ... - June 23rd 2014
  ..since you asked ... Diaspora Tapestry next to be seen June 24th/ July 23rd @ MacRobert Gallery, Stirling - June 20th 2014
 1745 Battle Tapestry returns to Perth ... in St John's Kirk from June 13th/ July 31st - June 8th 2014
 Diaspora Talks & Performances throughout the Exhibition to June 8th: details here - May 26th 2014
 The 164 panels on exhibition are 500mm x 500mm and each took 200+ hours to stitch ... - May 24th 2014
 Official Guide to Diaspora Tapestry on sale May 31st - May 19th 2014
 Celebrate ... Scots who built new lives around the globe! - May 17th 2014
 Celebrate! Commonwealth Games and the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry - May 6th 2014
 Wedding of the Year! Mrs Sylvia Porter alias Burgess - May 4th 2013
 Colquitt tells its 'Different Story' differently! Global Biennial 2010 - November 11th 2010
 Calling all Muralists: Colquitt Global Conference October 25th - 29th 2010 - February 4th 2010
 Just Everyone Loves That Totem Pole ... - November 3rd 2007
 Pembroke's 'Century of Service' Mural .....and more - May 15th 2007
 International Mural Symposium: Call for Artists - November 7th 2006
 California Murals Symposium 2007: Manteca October 18th - 20th - November 7th 2006
 Kati Kati New Zealand Joins the MuralsFest Parade - October 16th 2006
 1745 DreamTime with the Media - September 20th 2006
 Going Colquitt Way for Swamp Gravy and More in 2010 - August 22nd 2006
 Invergordon Paints On to Sixes and Sevens - August 21st 2006
 Global Conferential Tales XI: What The Media Saw Heard and Reported ... - August 19th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales VIII: Totem Finally Rises ..above the waves - August 18th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales X: Pans Civic Hoorah but Au Revoir in Tasmania - August 18th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales IX: On the Beach and in The Gothenburg - August 18th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales VI: "Are ye waukin yet" .. for Battlefield Breakfast? - August 17th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales VII: Hey Johnnie Cope ..We did a Mural-in-a-Day! - August 17th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales IV: Murals Going East and Johnnie Moat - August 16th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales V: Murals Going West and Witchcraft - August 16th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales III: Put Out the Flags & Books & Talk Galore - August 15th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales II: School's In ...Masters Watching ... Painting ... Talking ...! - August 14th 2006
 Global Conferential Tales I: Little Baggage but we got a Castle, some Golf, Whisky and a Tattoo - August 14th 2006
 BBC Scotland Radio Cafe .. Prestonpans Murals Conference ..... Listen Again - August 9th 2006
 Just About Everything Comes to Those Who Wait? - July 31st 2006
 Burriss 'Celebration' of Art : 2006 - 2008 - July 23rd 2006
 Amazing 'Twin Barghigiani' are a joy in Tuscany! - June 20th 2006
 Katikati Commemorates June Carlton - June 19th 2006
 Latest registration information for the Global Conference 15-19 August 2006 released - June 15th 2006
 Art Mortimer: Mural in a Day Legend .. Does it Again in Vale Oregon - June 3rd 2006
 How Can We Better Interpret and Present 1745? - May 16th 2006
 Wiles Bus back on The Highway - May 14th 2006
 Colquitt Georgia Gets State Recognition from Governor - May 8th 2006
 CalPAMS reports John Pugh's Honolulu Commission + Book Signing in Scotland - April 28th 2006
 Summer School for Murals Artists - August 13th/ 19th 2006 - April 14th 2006
 Passports Around the Pans! Whatever Next? - April 11th 2006
 Cow Paraders from the Pans ....Grazing May 15th to July 23rd - April 9th 2006
 Pumpkins Needed .. Competition Winners Headed for Paris! - April 9th 2006
 Let The Carving Begin .. pace Deportation Orders! - March 30th 2006
 Youngsters Design Popular Images for The Prestoungrange Pole - March 23rd 2006
 'US' National Society of Mural Painters - February 12th 2006
 9th Canadian Mural Routes Conference Report - January 17th 2006
 California Murals Website A 'Must' Visit - January 16th 2006
 'Awards for All' includes Prestoungrange Totem - October 31st 2005
 Bishop Honors Murals Art .. yet Courts Controversy - October 5th 2005
 And How ...... Pacific Murals Towns Gathered in Bowen - September 16th 2005
 First Nations Set Drums & Totems Rolling - September 2nd 2005
 Talking Totems - The Colonist Tells The Tale - August 24th 2005
 More Murals in Canada per Head of Population than anywhere in the World? - August 17th 2005
 Bishop's Murals Symposium Schedule Now Published: October 2005 - August 1st 2005
 Kati Kati Loses June Carlton - July 12th 2005
 Action Group: Sheffield Tasmania 2008 - July 12th 2005
 Poles Apart and All Around - July 8th 2005
 Getting Started Yesteryear .. - July 3rd 2005
 Prestoungrange Arts Festival Showcases Local Talent - June 29th 2005
 Call for Town to Host Global Conference in 2010 - June 27th 2005
 Of Offshore Rigs, Aluminium Smelting and the Royal Navy - June 4th 2005
 Michelle Loughery Powers Ahead ... Merritt Country Music Stars Coming Next! - June 1st 2005
 Brunel - The SS Great Britain & The Clifton Memorial Bridge - May 7th 2005
 Callington in Cornwall Remembers Much - May 3rd 2005
 Red Cedar Logs Make Grand Entrance to The Pans - April 11th 2005
 Differing Arts in Maclean, Port Macquarie and Kurri Kurri New South Wales - March 22nd 2005
 Michelle Loughery: Vernon Muralist Honoured in BC - March 17th 2005
 East Lothian Life - We're In It! - March 16th 2005
 World's First Underwater Post Office and Philatelic Art - March 14th 2005
 Stairway from Thomas Nelson to the Lord Mayor .. and Back - March 8th 2005
 Bishop California's Seminar Plans ... October 5th/ 9th 2005 - March 1st 2005
 East Lothian Artist John Bellany Scores a First! - February 25th 2005
 Chemainus News - Trees and Theatre Developments - January 20th 2005
 Cowichan Knitwear and Artefacts - December 16th 2004
 Prestoungrange Totems Begin their 6000 Mile Journey - November 30th 2004
 Wondering What Next @ Chemainus? - November 23rd 2004
 Schutz Olympiad One Step Nearer - November 22nd 2004
 Tasmania's Lateral Thoughts - and Helping Hands - November 22nd 2004
 Sheffield Welcomes its Four Year Horizon at 2008 - November 14th 2004
 The Prestonpans Co-Operative Society Mural - November 2nd 2004
 We're Here Because We Love It! - October 31st 2004
 Our Witches Pardon Heard and Respected Across the Globe - October 31st 2004
 Pacific Murals Gathering in Bowen on Track for September 2005 - October 10th 2004
 Where Kati Kati Leads Many Will Follow! - September 20th 2004
 Foxton New Zealand leads as Miller! - September 19th 2004
 Lompoc - City of Murals in the Valley of Flowers - September 12th 2004
 The Antiquarians come to town - September 11th 2004
 Chemainus Totem Poles One Step Closer - September 7th 2004
 Cows, Pigs, Orcas [Killer Whales] .. What's fitting for the Pans? - September 6th 2004
 Youth-full Achievements in Vernon, British Columbia - August 31st 2004
 Oregon Trail at Sunset - August 30th 2004
 'Where the World Met and Became One' - August 29th 2004
 Revans University Graduate Studies in Arts Tourism Visit Golden - August 22nd 2004
 Pans Fringe comes to town – Sillar and Dirt - August 16th 2004
 'Grotesque' Ceiling at The Prestoungrange Gothenburg - August 15th 2004
 Pans Fringe comes to town – La Zapatera Prodigiosa - August 12th 2004
 The Goth gets hip with FUNKSTAR - August 8th 2004
 Arts and Craft Interior of James Fewell Bar Widely Acclaimed - July 20th 2004
 'Coull' Winner of the Inaugural Annual Jeanette Burriss Bursary - July 12th 2004
 May 8th & June 19th are RED LETTER DAYS - April 9th 2004
 Looking Forward to 2006: The Draft Programme - April 1st 2004
 Here's Letting Them Know... of 2006! - December 19th 2003
 Lesley Board Books Her Flight to 2006 in Prestonpans - December 5th 2003

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